2017 State Vocational Championship

State Vocational Championship trophy

Congratulations to Worcester Technical High School and North High School student athletes for their great performances at the 2017 State Vocational Championship.

A special congratulations to the Girls Team for their back to back Championship and to the Boys Team for their 3rd Place win.


1st Place Long Jump & Triple Jump - Adja Sackor (WT)
1st Place Shot Put & 100M - Stevenna Bowhile (North)
1st Place 4x100 Relay -  Leilani Torres (WT), Stevenna Bowhile (North), Bernice Mensah (WT), Adja Sackor (WT)
1st Place 200 M & 2nd Place Triple Jump - Bernice Mensah (WT)
1st Place High Jump & 2nd Place Shot Put - Alison Rushlow (WT)
1st Place 1 Mile & 2nd Place 2 Mile -  Herlin Rijo (WT)
2nd Place Girls 4x400 Relay - Denise Hoxha (WT), Maria Gitau (WT), Christine Nibitanga (WT), Essence Martinez (North)
2nd Place Girls 4x800 Relay - Sophia Avril (WT), Maria Gitau (WT), Lauresa Bruce (WT), Emilie Avril (WT)
3rd Place 100 Hurdles - Denise Hoxha (WT)
3rd Place Boys 4x400 Relay - Ian Mwalago (WT), Rodney Maldonado (WT), Brian Chan (WT), Jose Rosario (North)
3rd Place Boys 4x800 Relay -  Nathaniel Felix (WT), Akihiro Suzuki (WT), Brian Chan (WT), Jose Rosario (North)
4th Place Boys 4x100 Relay - Michael Amoah (North), Mark Muturi (North), Robert Jackson (North), Rodney Maldonado (WT)
4th Place Shot Put - Jovan Wilmore (North)
4th Place Shot -  Sandra Jackson (WT)
4th Place Triple Jump & 6th Place Long Jump - Brandon Hardial (North)
5th Place Discus - Blessing Cisco (WT)
5th Place 200M & 7th Place 100M - Kayli Fernandez (North)
5th Place High Jump - Leilani Torres (WT)
6th Place Long Jump - Lauresa Bruce (WT)

**Many other great Top 10 performances from all our Boys and Girls. Congratulations on these great accomplishments!