MIAA All State Unified Track & Field Championship

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The Worcester Unified Track & Field Team, comprised of athletes from Worcester Technical High School and Burncoat High School, competed in their 1st MIAA Unified All State Track & Field Championship.

All of our athletes worked very hard this season and earned the opportunity of representing the Worcester Public Schools. The athletes below displayed sportsmanship and athletic excellence and represented their schools with pride. Please Congratulate our athletes on their tremendous achievements.

Jose Zabala (Burncoat) 1st Place State Champion - 100 Meter Dash Tier 2
Marquise Little (Worcester Tech) 2nd Place - Javelin Throw Tier 5
Rachel Burwick  (Worcester Tech) 3rd Place - 100 Meter Dash Tier 5
Marcus Walley-McKay (Burncoat) 3rd Place - Javelin Throw Tier 9
Justice Batista (WT), Ryan Stokalis (Worcester Tech), Jamarcus Taylor (Worcester Tech), Henry Thanh-Nguyen (Worcester Tech) 3rd Place - 4x400 Meter Relay Tier 1
Samantha Carey (Worcester Tech) 4th Place - Javelin Throw Tier 1
Jose Zabala (Burncoat) 5th Place - Long Jump Tier 2
Marcus Walley-McKay (Burncoat) 5th Place - 100 Meter Dash Tier 8
Ryan Stokalis (Worcester Tech) 5th Place - 100 Meter Dash Tier 9
Jamarcus Taylor (Worcester Tech) 7th Place - Long Jump Tier 6
Kaitlyn Lauzaire (Worcester Tech), Ashley Echeveria (Burncoat), Henry Thanh-Nguyen (Worcester Tech), Rachel Burwick (Worcester Tech) 13th Place - 4x100 Meter Relay Tier 1

Thank you for all of your support in our inaugural season.