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210 Park Avenue #222
Worcester, MA 01609

CultureLEAP (Learning through Education & Arts Partnerships) formerly WAHEC (Worcester Arts and Humanities Educational Collaborative) is a coalition of cultural institutions, funding partners, and the Worcester Public Schools (WPS) that links students and teachers with the extensive cultural resources of Worcester County. By matching these connections to the curriculum of WPS, student learning experiences are expanded beyond school walls.

Our Mission

CultureLEAP seeks to encourage students, teachers, and administrators of the Worcester Public Schools to become lifelong learners and active participants in the cultural life of our city.

To achieve this goal, CultureLEAP will:

  • Engage students, teachers, and the general public through outreach and collaboration;
  • Raise funds to support CultureLEAP activities;
  • Model exceptional arts-integrated education curriculum for both local and state government;
  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities for teachers and students that are integrated into the curriculum of the WPS;
  • Support continuing education programs for teachers and administrators;
  • Create a community of life-long learners, engaged community members, and cultural partner supporters through these collaborative experiences.

About Us

The goal of CultureLEAP is to excite each and every student attending the Worcester Public Schools (WPS) about the riches available in their own community. Great learning is just outside their doors.

CultureLEAP’s role is to make experiences with Worcester’s cultural institutions part of the everyday lives of WPS students. We bring cultural partners and WPS together to enhance student learning. Our funding partners are the organizations and individuals who help make that happen.