Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Department Head

Jill Pellegrini
(508) 799-3065

The Learning Disabilities Department of the Worcester Public Schools strives to enhance each student’s ability to access the curriculum, improve skills, and apply learned strategies in an effort to develop a life-long independent learner.

Program Description:

The LD Specialist provides services to students who have been identified with a specific learning disability through the Team Process. These SLD’s (Specific Learning Disability) may be in the areas of reading, math, written language, organization, and/or test taking strategies. The LD Specialist works cooperatively with teachers and parents to insure that each student can access the WPS curriculum and meet the state curriculum frameworks.

Characteristics of A Student With SLD

Grades K to 4: Slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds, Confuses basic words (run, eat, want), Makes consistent reading & spelling errors, Transposes number sequences & confuses arithmetic signs, Slow to remember facts, Slow to learn new skills, Relies heavily on memorization, Trouble learning about time.

Grades 5 to 8: Reverses letter sequences, Slow to learn spelling strategies, Avoids reading aloud, Trouble with word problems, Difficulty with handwriting, Slow or poor recall of facts, Trouble understanding body language & facial expressions.

High School Students & Adults: Continues to spell incorrectly, Frequently spells the same word differently in a single piece of writing, Avoids reading & writing tasks, Trouble summarizing, Weak memory skills, Works slowly, Poor grasp of abstract concepts, Misreads information.