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2022 Partners in Excellence Awards

Mass Insight Education & Research has presented the following Worcester Public Schools teachers with the 2022 Partners in Excellence Teacher Award for their exemplary work in the Advanced Placement STEM and English Program.

  • Caroline Rossi, AP Calculus AB/BC (South High Community School)
  • Leann Ledoux, AP English Literature & Composition (South High Community School)
  • Jeffery Weisenberg, AP Computer Science A (Doherty Memorial High School)

Mass Insight Education & Research has also named Kellie Moulin from South High Community School as the 2022 Lawrie A. Bertram Partners in Excellence Award recipient.

The award is in memory of Lawrie Bertram, who passed away much too soon. Lawrie’s dedication to her students represents the standard that we all strive to achieve in our work with students. When asked what she taught her students, Lawrie’s reply was always “to think.” She was a role model to all of us and, in cooperation with her family, we have established this annual award to keep her memory close to our hearts and to inspire us to be the best we can be every day in our work and community.

Great job and congratulations to all!