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Family & Community Academy of Worcester

Program Structure

The Family & Community Academy of Worcester is a partnership between several community organizations and the Worcester Public Schools.


The purpose of the FCA is to support parents/guardians and other caregivers in developing the skills and confidence for lifelong learning and active engagement in the development of the whole child.

About Us

It is our belief that parents/guardians so engaged will be able to make very real differences in the lives of their own children and in the quality of teaching and learning for students across our community.  The work of FCA is based on the demonstrated belief and documented best practice that parent engagement is a critical factor in children’s success.  We work to support parents/guardians and other caregivers in helping children to access the opportunities offered in our city, to strengthen family capacity to advocate effectively for individuals enrolled in the public schools, and for program and policy measures that strengthen birth through grade 12 education in our community.  We believe that if parents/guardians are meaningfully engaged in the education of their children and matters relating to teaching and learning then we will see sustained gains in student educational and life outcomes.

FCA will do this by:

  • Publishing and distributing fall and spring catalogs with a variety of FREE parent/guardian education and capacity-building courses, workshops, and events offered throughout the community by FCA partner organizations.
  • Responding to community needs and WPS district priorities by shaping, creating, or commissioning courses, workshops, and events to meet those needs.
  • Helping to facilitate the coordination of various efforts across partner organizations to maximize community impact.


Build more connections and stronger relationships among parents/guardians, school, and community providers as a result of the FCA.
Assist and support parents/guardians and other caregivers to positively impact educational outcomes for children by building their skills, knowledge and confidence.
Empower parents/guardians to effectively advocate for themselves and their children in Worcester schools and the community.

Focus Areas

FCA courses and workshops will fall into the following focus areas:

  • Advocacy - Parents/guardians build capacity to advocate for their children and family in school and in the community.
  • Learning Tools - Parents/guardians learn skills to support individual student achievement in school and beyond.
  • Parenting and Children’s Developmental Milestones - Parents/guardians develop parenting skills and understanding to child development to build stronger families.
  • Culture & Community - Parents/guardians build community by celebrating diversity and learning about the various cultures in our city.

Types of Presentations

FCA offerings will be held in a variety of formats:

  • Large Group Events: conferences that may include a variety of workshops to choose from
  • Multisession Classes: Meeting for multiple sessions over several weeks, these offerings give parents/guardians the opportunity to build deeper knowledge or to practice important skills to support learning.
  • Workshops: one-time events offered on specific topics.
  • Classes To Go:  Some partners may be able to offer their courses/workshops “to go” at the request of individual schools and/or partner organizations.  Such arrangements will be made on a case by case basis between the relevant partner organizations and facilitated by the Executive Committee

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