Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Certificate Program

How does the certificate program work?

FCA will offer “Academy Credits” for participation in FCA courses and workshops. FCA offers two types of certificates. Participants who meet the requirements of either certificate by the end of the academic year are eligible to receive a FCA certificate and to attend a FCA graduation ceremony. FCA credits may carry over from year to year.

  • Family & Community Academy Core Certificate
    • The Core Certificate recognizes participation in a breadth of programs that support parents/guardians and caregivers as teachers and learners.  To receive this certificate, participants must accumulate 15 credits across at least two FCA Focus Areas.
  • Family & Community Academy Leadership Certificate
    • The Leadership Certificate is offered to participants who accumulate at least 25 credits across the four FCA Focus Areas: at least five credits in each category, and an additional five in an area of particular interest.

What’s Next After FCA Graduation?

  • Intern with a FCA Partner Organization
  • Work towards your high school diploma
    • Get connected with GED/HiSet programs in the WPS Adult Learning Center or other partner organizations
  • Look into College and Career Training
    • Get connected with MassEdCo for career and post-secondary educational advising.
  • Get involved at your child’s school
    • Become a member of the school Site Council
    • Become a school volunteer
  • Enroll in more FCA courses and workshops
    • There is always more to learn, and new topics will be offered every semester as our network expands!
  • Become a FCA Advisor
    • Serve on the FCA Advisory Board
    • Act as a program host for a FCA event
    • Provide FCA outreach at local resource fairs or other events
    • Assist with marketing or another committee
    • Provide language translation
    • ...and more!