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Leadership Structure

Executive Committee

Executive Committee is responsible for determining the overall purpose, vision, structure, and offerings of the FCA.  Additionally, this group is responsible for working out the details of putting big ideas into manageable action steps – this includes coordinating the courses, services, and resources provided by Advisory and Partner organizations and individual volunteers.  The Executive Committee shall seek the Advisory Board’s feedback and advice on major structural or programmatic decisions.

The Executive Committee will meet as circumstances dictate – at least once a month.  All Executive Committee meetings should be made up of 3-6 members, and must include at least one representative from Worcester Public Schools and one representative from Worcester Education Collaborative at all times.

Proposed Executive Committee members:

Worcester Public SchoolsDirector of Supplemental Academic Programs
Worcester Education CollaborativeExecutive Director and Assistant Director
Worcester Community ConnectionsSchool Liaison
Latino Education InstituteExecutive Director
Citywide Parent Planning Advisory Committee:

Advisory Board

The role of the Advisory Board is to provide guidance to the Executive Committee on the overall direction of the FCA. Advisory Board member organizations are expected to offer reasonable resources and assistance in their areas of expertise including listing parent/guardian education and capacity-building events that they are already offering to the community as a part of the FCA.  Advisory Board member organizations agree to publicize FCA courses/events to their internal client/member/affiliate lists.

The Advisory Board will meet at least once per quarter.  Member organizations must send an appropriate representative to all meetings.  There will be no limit on the number of representatives from each membership organization at Advisory Board meetings.

Proposed Advisory Board Member Organizations:

African Community Education
Citywide Parent Planning and Advisory Council
Edward Street Child Services
Latino Education Institute
Southeast Asian Coalition
Thom Child and Family Services – Worcester Early Intervention
United Way of Central Massachusetts
Worcester Community Connections (affiliated with YOU, Inc.)
Worcester Education Collaborative
Worcester Public Schools

Program Partners/Sponsors

In addition to the FCA Advisory Board member organizations, program partners/sponsors may also include schools, colleges, community organizations, local businesses, government agencies, and faith-based groups, etc.  Program partners/sponsors who are not actively involved in the Advisory Board still have an important role in the success of FCA.  Program partners/sponsors provide essential assistance such as course offerings, financial support, facilities for classes, food for events, gift cards and other items to give away as prizes and incentives, internship positions for FCA graduates, and/or other services or supplies.

Proposed Program Partner/Sponsor Organizations:

Local colleges: WSU, Clark, Holy Cross, UMass Med School, QCC, Becker, WPI, etc…
Local churches: Belmont AME Zion, Christian Community Church/ICC, etc…
Boys & Girls Club
Girls, Inc
University of Massachusetts
Worcester Chamber of Commerce
Worcester Family Partnership
And many more!