Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning Office

Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning

Dr. Marie Morse
20 Irving Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508-799-3644

This office is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of sound educational practices in the Worcester Public Schools.

The Assistant Superintendent's Office is to provide significant and meaningful connections, through a lens of equity, access and opportunity that will result in improved learning opportunities for all student groups.

Our goal is to empower and engage central office staff, in the process of creating and implementing programs and procedures that are responsive to identified school and system needs. Based on research, reform initiatives and exemplary practices, it is our resolve to continuously form collaborative linkages between federal/state/local officials (mandates) and central office/principals/practitioners. In this manner, we will collectively and pro-actively assure that all staff within the Worcester Public School system are kept informed, involved and focused on our collective mission.