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Curriculum & Professional Learning

Manager of Curriculum and Professional Learning

Dr. Magdalena Ganias
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About Our Curriculum

The Worcester Public School District is committed to ensuring that all students participate in a core curriculum that results in measurable gains in student learning. We are committed to ensuring that our students are life-long learners who graduate college and career ready.  The Worcester Public Schools align efforts to have students show growth in their ability to read fluently, comprehend deeply, think critically, and respond effectively across curriculum areas. This is accomplished through the implementation of rigorous evidence-based instructional practices and a standards-based curriculum implemented through the lenses of Universal Design for Learning and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.  We are committed to making sure every student feels valued as a member of our school community and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.  

All Worcester Public Schools strive to support and inspire students to become strategic problem-solvers who are highly literate, creative thinkers, and effective communicators. Our students are self-directed learners who critically examine, carefully weigh, and manage complex information presented through multiple sources. We view our district’s rich cultural diversity and each student’s unique identity as assets to our school, local, and global communities. We aspire to educate students to become creative and contributing citizens of the world who translate their learning into meaningful actions.

The Worcester Public Schools’ staff is supported by the Worcester Public Schools Office of Curriculum and Professional Learning.

 Massachusetts Frameworks

“The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks provide teachers, students and families with clear and shared expectations for what all students should know and be able to do at the end of each year. They represent a promise of equitable education for all students. They formalize the expectation that all students in the Commonwealth have access to the same academic content, regardless of their zip code, background, or abilities.”  (Massachusetts Department of Education)

The Worcester Public Schools follows the content, literacy, and practice standards outlined by the Massachusetts Frameworks.  The link above will bring you to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education where you can search the Frameworks by subject area.

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that informs educators on designing learning environments and delivering instruction based on scientific insights into how humans learn.  Learning opportunities designed from a UDL lens aim to offer the learner a variety of opportunities for engagement, representation, and action and expression, ensuring that all learners can access and participate in the learning experience in a meaningful way.

Visit the UDL Learning Guidelines by CAST or click the links below to learn more.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

The Worcester Public Schools recognizes that culture is central to learning.   Learner centered culturally responsive education simultaneously upholds high standards for academic excellence and cultural competence. It honors the strengths, cultures, lives and experiences of all students and provides them with meaningful and authentic learning experiences.

Worcester Public School staff ensure that all students:

• have sufficient access to opportunities and supports to achieve high academic achievement 

• can see their culture and identity reflected in what they learn 

• feel respected and valued as members of the school community

• have a sense of agency and empowerment over their own life 

• are inspired to make a positive difference

The content and process facilitation of this work has been provided by Dr. Giselle O. Martin-Kniep, President of Learner-Centered Initiative, Ltd.


DisciplineLiaisonEmail contact
English Language ArtsColleen Dyer[email protected]
History & Social Sciences
Library Media Specialist
Colleen Kelly[email protected]
Health & Physical EducationCarol Manning[email protected]
MathematicsVicki Roman[email protected]
Performing ArtsLisa Leach[email protected]
Science & EngineeringChristine Lloyd[email protected]
Elementary Science CoachJeff Glick[email protected]
Visual ArtsTimmary Leary[email protected]
World LanguageMichelle Huaman[email protected]
AVID Curriculum LiaisonSharon Leary[email protected]
Community Resource &
AVID Specialist
Janet Mathieu[email protected]


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