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Building Ventilation Assessment Reports

The Worcester Public Schools engaged Nault Architects, Inc. and Seaman Engineering Corporation to conduct ventilation assessment and COVID-19 mitigation strategies for individual Worcester Public School buildings. 

Within the district, some buildings are serviced by mechanical ventilation systems, and others without such mechanical ventilation systems. In reviewing these reports, it is important to understand that the ventilation assessment information provided as a result of the work of Nault Architects after reviewing natural ventilation in buildings is of greater significance when considered in those buildings without mechanical ventilation systems. Similarly, the evaluation of existing mechanical systems performed by Seaman Engineering Corporation is of significance only in buildings where such systems exist. 

When reviewing the color-coded charts appearing in the reports, the reader should be mindful that this information only relates to natural ventilation. "Therefore, newer buildings or buildings with large amounts of fixed windows may have large amounts of red and/or yellow spaces, but that doesn’t mean they are not code compliant, they may be relying on mechanical ventilation."

IMPORTANT NOTE: The data on ventilation does not tell the entire story, as the City has installed needlepoint bipolar ionization equipment in the schools, either as an integrated part of mechanical ventilation systems where compatible, or as freestanding portable units in buildings without mechanical ventilation systems or incompatible ventilation systems. The presence of such ionization equipment reduces the need for natural ventilation and filtration efficiency ratings. Please see the this report for more information relative to the district summary on ventilation system analysis and effectiveness of needlepoint bipolar ionization equipment. 

Portions of the reports have been redacted or removed information relating to building blueprints and/or building floorplans.