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21st Century Community Learning Centers

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The Worcester Public School (WPS) District’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) after school and summer program supports the implementation of academically enriching programming implemented during out-of-school time that helps to close proficiency and opportunity gaps, increases student engagement, and supports college and career readiness and success.

We are committed to providing interactive, relevant and engaging teaching and learning that meets the specific academic, social and emotional learning and developmental needs of ALL students. Overarching priorities include the following:

  • Providing more time to deepen student learning by implementing innovative teaching and learning strategies
  • Implement well rounded programming that includes, but is not limited to, project-based learning, media technology, health and wellness, arts and music, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and other academic enrichment programming that addresses student needs and interests
  • Support the development of systems of support and programming that are culturally relevant, and leverages the knowledge, strengths, and assets of students, families, educators and the community
  • Provide activities that are not otherwise accessible to students and expand access to high-quality services in the community
  • Engaging summer programming that helps prevent and address the summer learning slide and helps students transition successfully into elementary, middle, high and post-secondary schools
  • Effective family engagement strategies that are culturally responsive, collaborative and demonstrates an understanding of different languages, norms, and values with a goal of contributing to student outcomes in all developmental areas

Program Components

Academic & Homework Support

All students are provided with structured assistance from Worcester Public School educators in completing academic work such as homework assignments as well as class projects; particularly in core subject areas such as mathematics and English.

Project-Based Learning

Students are engaged in project-based learning activities, actively exploring real-world problems and challenges, thus encouraging youth to acquire deeper knowledge. Through activities guided by Worcester Public School educators as well as community partners, students work independently to make decisions about how best to solve a problem and demonstrate their understanding of an issue. This process fosters student independence, ownership of his/her work and the development of 21st Century/workplace skills.

Enrichment Activities

Worcester Public School educators as well as local community agencies such as the Hobby Quest, WIldChild ArtDoors, and MA Audubon Broad Meadow Brook provide a diverse array of structured activities in interdisciplinary areas such as art, sports and science. Enrichment activities are identified through a student/parent and staff interest survey as a means to identify programs that spark student creativity and curiosity, while meeting the diverse needs of all student learners.

Program Funding

The WPS 21st Century Community Learning Centers after school and summer program is funded by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Contact Information

Michelle Duclos
21st Century District Program Coordinator
[email protected]