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Survey of Interest

 If you are interested in submitting a Survey of Interest, please contact program coordinator, Nicole Delamere, [email protected]

What WPS is seeking through the survey of interest: The Worcester Public Schools seeks to identify community agencies such as non-profits and private or public businesses that are interested in providing after school and summer enrichment activities at 21st Century school sites in the district. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT ANY PROPOSED PROJECT WILL BE FUNDED.

YOU WOULD NOT BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE ACTIVITIES EACH DAY AT EACH SITE FOR THE ENTIRE AFTER SCHOOL OR SUMMER PROGRAMS. You could provide activities during one of the 10-week sessions during the school year or all of the 10-week sessions. You could provide activities 1 day a week or 5 days a week. It is up to you based upon your availability and staff capacity. However, YOU MUST COMMIT and HAVE STAFF WHO ARE DEPENDABLE AND AVAILABLE to provide services on the days/times you select.

There will be WPS Site Administrator on staff to provide oversight when activities are occurring.

Please note: All community agency staff must pass a CORI to provide activities at the school sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in receiving information on providing activities at your 21st Century sites. Who should I contact?

Please contact the 21st Century District Program Coordinator, Nicole Delamere for more information.

I currently and/or have provided activities in the Worcester Public Schools. Would I still be able to submit a Survey of Interest?

Yes! As long as you have the staff capacity to provide activities, we look forward to speaking with you about potentially providing services in the program.

What types of activities are you looking for community agencies to provide at the sites?

Anything! We are open to new and creative activities that interest our students such as arts, theater, dance, sports, science, engineering, math, reading, knitting, karate, gymnastics-the list goes on and on! We especially seek activities that are project-based.

Does my agency have to be located in Worcester in order to provide activities?

NO! If you are located outside of the city of Worcester, but have transportation to the site, we would be happy to have you join the program!

Will I be compensated for my time?

YES! However, it will be based upon the type of activities you offer, how often you offer them, how many students you serve and what supplies you need in order to provide the activity, if any. We request you submit a quote detailing funds you would be requesting to provide services. In addition, we ask that each agency identify which in-kind services they would be able to provide.

How are agencies selected to provide services at the 21st Century sites?

Agencies are selected based on their ability to: articulate the goals of the 21st Century program and the Worcester Public Schools; provide evidence of experience in effectively working with children and families; demonstrate capacity to provide services to our targeted populations; and, design and executive projects that meet students’ academic and/or social needs.

Where do I find the Survey of Interest document?

 If you are interested in submitting a Survey of Interest, please contact program coordinator, Nicole Delamere, [email protected]