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Multilingual Education


During the week of March 21st and March 28th the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (DESE’s) Office of Language Acquisition will conduct a Tiered Focused Monitoring Review of the Worcester Public Schools. The Office of Language Acquisition reviews each district’s and charter school’s ELE program every six years to monitor compliance with federal and state English learner education laws and regulations. Areas of review will include English learners’ student assessments, identification of English learners; what programs English learners are placed in, parent and community involvement, curriculum and instruction, student support services, licensure requirements for faculty, staff and administration, program plans, and evaluation and recordkeeping.

Within approximately 60 business days of the onsite visit, the review chairperson will provide the Worcester Public Schools with a report with information about areas in which the Worcester Public Schools meets or exceeds regulatory requirements and areas in which the Worcester Public Schools requires assistance to correct or improve practices. The report will be available to the public at https://www.doe.mass.edu/ele/cpr.

Manager of Multilingual Education

Carmen Melendez
20 Irving Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508-799-3018
[email protected]

Let’s Learn Spanish Together!

Families with elementary aged children are invited to learn Spanish together through an immersive thematic based language experience. Read more


Our mission is to advance equity and excellence in the education of multilingual learners in the Worcester Public Schools.


All learners will excel academically, develop multilingualism, embrace diverse identities, and civically engage in local and global communities.


Asset-Based Approaches: We acknowledge and integrate the diverse linguistic and cultural practices of multilingual learners, families, and communities as essential for education.

Equity: We pursue policies and practices that ensure equitable educational opportunities for multilingual learners.

Collaboration: We partner with students, families, communities, and colleagues to fulfill our collective responsibility.

Professionalism: We commit to high standards of excellence and professional growth to strengthen our practices and programs.

Rights of English Learners

Worcester Public Schools offers several multilingual education programs for students identified as English learners (ELs).  The district will assess your child’s English language proficiency upon registration; find out more about the process.  If your child is found to be an English learner, you will receive further notification with your child’s English proficiency test results and your options for program placement.

If your child is determined to be an English learner, you have the right to:

  • choose a multilingual education program among those offered by the district;
  • visit a multilingual education program in the district;
  • attend available meetings to learn more about the multilingual education programs offered in the district;
  • request a new multilingual education program in accordance with state law; and
  • withdraw your child from a multilingual education program.

Language Opportunity for our Kids Act

In 2017, the LOOK Act became law in Massachusetts.  This law brings several changes for multilingual learners including more flexibility for multilingual programs and increased opportunities for input from parents and guardians of students identified as English learners.

Get Involved: Join Our Multilingual Learner Advisory Councils 

English Learner Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC)

The district welcomes all parents of English learners and former English learners to join the English Learner Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC).  The purpose of the ELPAC is to advise the district on matters that affect English learners. 

Bilingual Education Family Advisory Council (CAFE-B)

The district welcomes all parents of students in bilingual programs to join the Bilingual Education Family Advisory Council / Comité Asesor de Familias de Educación Bilingüe (CAFE-B).  CAFE-B brings together families from all of the district’s bilingual programs (dual language and transitional bilingual education) to connect with each other and to advise the district on matters related to bilingual education. 

Contact Us

For more information about any topics related to multilingual learners, please contact Carmen Melendez-Quintero, Manager of Multilingual Education, at [email protected] or 508-799-3623.