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Research and Accountability

Office of Research and Accountability Director

Marco Andrade
20 Irving Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508-799-3061 Ext. 93060
Fax: 508-799-8277
[email protected]

Research and Data Requests

The Office of Research and Accountability (ORA) is responsible for managing the research process and ensuring that researchers have appropriate access to quality data and are able to accurately convey results.

The following guidelines are intended to provide directions to those who wish to conduct research or obtain primary or secondary data from the Worcester Public School system. Read more...

Staff Directory

Donna Sargent
Principal Clerk Confidential
508-799-3061 Ext. 93592
[email protected]

Jane Heaney
Research and Evaluation Specialist
508-799-3061 Ext. 62043
[email protected]

Isaiah Kremer
Data and Analytics Specialist
508-799-3061 Ext. 62042
Megan Mosley
Assessment and Performance Specialist
508-799-3061 Ext. 93019