Maureen Binienda in an empty classroom
- Worcester Magazine file photo

Maureen Binienda
20 Irving Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508-799-3115

Our mission in the Worcester Public Schools is to provide all students the opportunity to advance their scholarship with a rigorous core curriculum and high quality instruction. This enables students to discover the expanse of their academic talents, shape the quality of their character, and develop the confidence to become conscientious, reflective citizens who are empowered to better our community and our world.

Superintendent Goals

  • By June 2020, update and utilize the WPS High Quality Teaching and Learning (HQTL) Framework to align and increase academic relevance and rigor across all grades. 
  • By June 2020, implement a comprehensive district-wide approach to monitoring, measuring, and improving student math outcomes. 
  • By June 2020, implement a district technology strategy that prioritizes and supports student learning and achievement through increasing the digital fluency skills of students, staff, and district administration. 
  • By June 2020, identify and implement strategies to address social and emotional needs that impact student school performance. 
  • By June 2020, develop a plan for staff recruitment and retention and implement strategies that will increase access to well qualified, diverse candidates. 
  • By June 2020, support the development of advanced and experiential learning opportunities for students to develop intellectual agility (the ability to think and act well), social acuity (the capacity to communicate well), and personal agency (the ability to  know yourself and the capacity to act towards specific end).