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Culinary Arts and Baking

This four-year Culinary Arts and Baking program begins with an exploratory rotation. Once the student has declared Culinary Arts as their shop of choice the student is exposed to both theory and practical applications of the trade. These are obtained through a rotation of the three areas (Skyline Bistro, Main Street Café, kitchen, and Bakeshop). In each area students are instructed in the proper handling, preparation, cooking, and presentation of food. Skills are obtained through real life operations of the Skyline Bistro (open to the public), Main Street Café by Worcester Technical teachers and public), and Conference Center. Students are encouraged to bring new ideas and techniques to class in order to assist classmates and instructors with current trends in the industry. The goal of the department is to train qualified food service industry employees with the use of equipment, utensils and proper techniques. In addition to acquiring trade skills, high academic skills (reading, writing, math, communication) are strongly encouraged.

Course Offerings

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Cooperative Education and Internship Opportunities

All eligible students have the opportunity to participate in Cooperative Education and Internship experiences at a variety of approved learning sites across the city in their junior and/or senior year. While the requirements and specific opportunities vary from school to school, and program to program, the structured combination of classroom based education and practical work experience provides students with the skills necessary to comfortably navigate the world of work. Some of the internship and cooperative education opportunities students have experienced have been made possible by the following partnership/s:

  • Crown Bakery
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Webster House
  • UMASS Medical Cafeteria
  • O’Connor’s Restaurant
  • Beechwood Hotel
  • Worcester Country Club
  • Northwork’s Restaurant
  • Papa Gino’s

Career Opportunities

  • Chef
  • Baker
  • Food Stylist for photo shoots
  • Sous Chef
  • Caterer
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Executive Chef
  • Nutritionist
  • Cooking School Instructor
  • Line Cook