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Financial Services and Retail Marketing

The program consists of four separate yet interrelated areas of study in the general areas of marketing, math, financial records, and communications. The primary focus of the program is the introduction of the foundations, of marketing as they relate to the retail and finance industries. This focus includes course work in Introduction to Financial Records, Finance/Marketing Math I, and "hands-on" marketing applications through the main street gift shop, and the Eagles Nest store, DECA activities and various projects throughout the year.

Each student will spend a semester of hands-on experience at the Worcester Credit Union in partnership with this program.

Course Offerings

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Cooperative Education and Internship Opportunities

All eligible students have the opportunity to participate in Cooperative Education and Internship experiences at a variety of approved learning sites across the city in their junior and/or senior year. While the requirements and specific opportunities vary from school to school, and program to program, the structured combination of classroom based education and practical work experience provides students with the skills necessary to comfortably navigate the world of work. Some of the internship and cooperative education opportunities students have experienced include the following partnership/s:

  • Worcester Credit Union
  • Staples
  • Percy’s
  • UMASS Grant Office
  • TMC Materials
  • Webster 5
  • Sullivan & Garrity Insurance Company
  • Granite Group
  • Fairlawn Hospital
  • Tower Hill Botanical Gardens
  • Red Cross
  • Housing Court
  • Workforce Investments
  • Cedar Woods
  • Probation Court

Employment Opportunities

  • Secretary
  • Bank Teller
  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Accountant
  • Retail Assistant
  • Retail Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Advertising