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Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management program is divided into four areas of study directly related to the Hospitality Industry: Customer Service, Business Management, Tourism/Travel and Computer Training. The scope of the shop program is geared to the operation of a public restaurant, conference center and outside event planning. Within this premise course work encompasses operational strategies, in the areas of marketing/advertising, budgeting, finances, purchasing, pricing, employee relations, customer relations and management. There is exterior focus on the Travel and Tourism aspect of studies through the use of videos, projects and class trips. Computer training is ongoing within the related and shop areas. CPR training and certification are a fundamental requirement during the students' senior year.

Throughout the four-year program all students participate in various activities. Hospitality Management performs diverse forms of community service, ranging in scope from working with the Dennis Leary Foundation (established by Dennis Leary to help area fire departments acquire equipment), to working with the Worcester Chapter of the D.A.R. serving their annual function. Students in the sophomore and freshman class participate in catering and servicing the city holiday party at City Hall each year. Students in the junior and senior class assist the city in servicing such events as the Worcester Road Race, Career Day and the Worcester All- America City Weekend and also provide their particular class with expertise in planning dances and proms.

Course Offerings

Hotel Tourism I 9

Course Numbers: 11159 (1.50)(C)
Type: HS
Area: Career Vocational Tech (74)
Counted In GPA:
Count In Honor Roll:

Hospitality and Tourism Management 1, Applications 9: In this course, students will gain practical application of the skills learned in Hospitality 1. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of customer service, food service, menu planning, as well as

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Cooperative Education and Internship Opportunities

All eligible students have the opportunity to participate in Cooperative Education and Internship experiences at a variety of approved learning sites across the city in their junior and/or senior year. While the requirements and specific opportunities vary from school to school, and program to program, the structured combination of classroom based education and practical work experience provides students with the skills necessary to comfortably navigate the world of work. Some of the internship and cooperative education opportunities students have experienced include the following partnership/s:

  • The Beechwood Hotel
  • Neet Events Inc.
  • Piccadilly Pubs
  • Marriot Hotel
  • The Centrum
  • Atlantic Travel
  • Medical City
  • Rosenlund Travel Services

Career Opportunities

  • Hotel/Motel Manger
  • Event Planner
  • Travel Consultant
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Resort Coordinator
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Cruise Ships
  • Theme Parks
  • Conference Centers