Grade 5 Compilation

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Year At A Glance

Grade 5 English Language Arts

Grade 5 students will master foundational reading skills as they continue to develop their writing, speaking, listening and language arts skills.

Grade 5 Math

In grade 5, students' learning will focus on three critical areas:

  1. developing fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions, and developing understanding of the multiplication of fractions and of division of fractions in limited cases (unit fractions divided by whole numbers and whole numbers divided by unit fractions);
  2. extending division to 2-digit divisors, integrating decimal fractions into the place value system and developing understanding of operations with decimals to hundredths, and developing fluency with whole number and decimal operations; and
  3. developing understanding of volume.

Grade 5 History and Social Science

Students study the major pre-Columbian civilizations in the New World; the 15th and 16th century European explorations around the world, in the western hemisphere, and in North America in particular; the earliest settlements in North America; and the political, economic, and social development of the English colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries. They also study the early development of democratic institutions and ideas, including the ideas and events that led to the independence of the original 13 colonies and the formation of a national government under the U.S. Constitution. The purpose of the grade 5 curriculum is to give students their first concentrated study of the formative years of U.S. history.

Grade 5 Science & Technology/Engineering

Grade 5 Science and Technology/Engineering explores content standards in Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Engineering. Students will plan and carry out investigations as a class, in small groups, or independently and will incorporate mathematical skills of measuring and graphing to communicate their findings. Students will actively engage in many reading and writing lessons as they work to become scientifically literate citizens.

Family Resources

Grade 5 Health

This health course teaches students fundamental concepts and skills that foster healthy habits and behaviors through the teaching of developmentally apprpriate lessons that address nutrition, hygiene, disease prevention, violence prevention, including bullying, decision making, and hygiene.

Grade 5 Physical Education

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn through a comprehensive sequentially planned Physical Education program in accordance with the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Education Framework. The emphasis is on manipulating objects with accuracy and speed. Students will continue to learn the correct techniques for using manipulative including throwing, catching, striking, kicking, trapping, and dribbling. Students will continue to learn to analyze their performances in order to learn or improve a movement skill. Students will continue to learn fitness concepts, participate in a variety of fitness development exercises, assess their personal fitness, compare their scores to a health related standard, and set goals for improvement or maintenance. Working in small groups, students will learn to accept personal differences (maturity levels, physical differences, physical abilities, cultures, and gender differences). Units of instruction include playground rules and games; fitness pre- and post-testing; jump rope; throwing, rolling, and catching; striking with hands; striking with implements; striking with feet; new games.

Grade 5 Music

Students will continue to synthesize their understanding of musical concepts on order to perform and critique their own work. Students will engage in singing and movement games, play parties and dances, improvisation and composition exercises, play un-pitched percussion instruments and use body percussion (i.e. clapping, patting etc.) Students will begin formal study of American folk music genres, blues, jazz, gospel, folk, roots music etc.

Grade 5 Art

Areas of study will include introduction of the grid method of enlargement, negative space drawing, portraiture in combination with figure drawing, one point perspective drawing of a city scene, relief sculpture and modeling of sculpture in the round using animal forms, monochromatic color harmony, drawing with the use of hatching, cross-hatching lines and stippling to produce value, and textural components of the face and figure.