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Pre-K English Language Arts

Pre-Kindergarten concentrates on foundational reading, speaking, listening and language skills.

Pre-K Math

In preschool or pre-kindergarten, students’ activity time will focus on two critical areas:

  1. developing an understanding of whole numbers to 10, including concepts of one-to-one correspondence, counting, cardinality (the number of items in a set), and comparison; and
  2. recognizing two-dimensional shapes, describing spatial relationships, and sorting and classifying objects by one or more attributes.

Relatively more learning time should be devoted to developing children’s sense of number as quantity than to other mathematics topics.

Pre-K History and Social Science

At the preschool and kindergarten level, learning in history and social science is built on children’s experiences in their families, school, community, state, and country. Children listen to stories about the people and events we celebrate in our national holidays and learn why we celebrate them. They also become familiar with our national symbols. The purpose of the preK-K curriculum is to begin the development of their civic identity.

Pre-K Science & Technology/Engineering

Pre-K students focus on experiencing and making observations of the world around them. They are beginning to learn about their own environment as they observe plants and animals, the Moon and the Sun, and the daily weather. They experience their world through their senses and body parts and begin to recognize that animals also use their senses and body parts to meet their basic needs. They investigate pitch and volume, shadow and light, liquids and solids, and how things move. They sort materials by simple observable properties such as texture and color. They share their understanding of these concepts through discussion as they develop their language and quantitative skills. Pre-K students build awareness of the wide variety of natural phenomena and processes in the world around them.

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