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Local Foundations Fund Cultural Engagement Experiences for 22,000 Students

For the 2017 – 2018 academic year, two local foundations have generously increased their support for grade-level cultural engagement experiences for 22,000 students in the Worcester Public Schools in grades 1 -12.  This is the sixth year of the funding and is allowing opportunities for an additional 7,000 students.

The program is part of the Culture LEAP initiative that is an exemplary partnership among the Worcester Public Schools, the institutions, the Working Education Subcommittee of the Worcester Cultural Coalition, and the Worcester Educational Development Foundation, Inc. (WEDF).  Culture LEAP was initiated at the former Alliance for Education as the Worcester Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative and metamorphosed into Culture LEAP after the dissolution of the Alliance.

This year’s LEAPs to local institutions include:

Grade 1 – Mechanics Hall
Grade 2 – Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Grade 3 – Old Sturbridge Village
Grade 4 – Worcester Art Museum
Grade 5 – Worcester Historical Museum
Grade 6 – EcoTarium
Grade 7 – Broad Meadow Brook
Grade 8 –
Grade 9 – Local Colleges featuring Crocodile River
Grade 12 – Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

In addition, Grade 10 will visit the Lowell National Park and Grade 11 will engage in the proceedings at the Edward M. Kennedy Center for the United States Senate.

All activities are closely aligned with curricula and include pre-visit preparation, planned investigations at the sites, and post-review back in the classroom.

Instruments and Supplies

So many Worcester students love to sing, perform, paint, draw, and express themselves through the arts. The WEDF has purchased new musical instruments for every elementary, middle, and high school, and given art teachers funds to buy needed materials and supplies.

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