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Preschool Application

We offer preschool programs for children who will be four years old by December 31st . The preschool program provides a developmental curriculum in an inclusive environment. The classrooms include children who are typically developing and children who have special needs. All classrooms are staffed by a MA certified early childhood teacher and an instructional assistant.

To apply for Preschool

2022 - 2023 School Year

Now accepting applications for our preschool programs. For inquiries, call the

The Parent Information Welcome Center
768 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610

Deadline for applications is March 11, 2022.

Lotteries will be held at the individual schools on March 25, 2022.

Lotteries for dual language schools will be held by the Multilingual Education Office on April 1, 2022.

Lottery Cards

Note: Children must reside in Worcester and be four years old by December 31st to qualify for admission into the Worcester Public Schools preschool program.

Preschool Sites 2021-2022

Half Day Preschool programs offering AM & PM sessions:

  • AM hours 7:45AM - 10:20AM / PM hours 11:10AM - 1:50PM
    • Canterbury Magnet Computer-Based School
    • Vernon Hill School
  • AM hours 7:55AM - 10:35AM / PM hours 11:20AM - 2:00PM
    • Norrback Avenue School
  • AM hours 8:15AM - 10:55AM / PM hours 11:40AM - 2:20PM
    • Belmont Street Community School
    • Goddard School of Science & Technology
    • Roosevelt School
  • AM hours 8:15AM - 10:45AM / PM hours 10:45AM - 1:15PM
    • Worcester Technical High School
  • AM hours 8:25AM - 11:00AM / PM hours 11:50AM - 2:25PM
    • Jacob Hiatt Magnet School
  • AM hours 8:25AM - 11:05AM / PM hours 11:50AM - 2:30PM
    • Clark Street Community School
    • Quinsigamond School
    • Worcester Arts Magnet School
  • AM hours 8:30AM - 11:05AM / PM hours 11:55AM - 2:30PM
    • Tatnuck Magnet School
  • AM hours 9:05AM - 11:45AM / PM hours 12:30PM - 3:10PM
    • City View Discovery School
    • Gates Lane School of International Studies
    • Nelson Place School
    • West Tatnuck School

Full Day Preschool Programs:

  • Full day hours 8:25AM - 2:30PM
    • Chandler Magnet School
    • South High Community School

Dual Language Full Day Preschool Programs:

  • Full day hours 8:25AM - 2:30PM
    • Chandler Magnet School
  • Full day hours 8:20AM - 2:20PM
    • La Familia Dual Language School

Dual language is open to all students, regardless of the languages spoken at home. No bus transportation is available for dual language PreK.