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The Worcester Public Schools were given permission to move forward with the fall athletic season by the School Committee on September 3rd. The athletic department along with each school and their coaches worked extremely hard to ensure that everything was all set to begin the fall season on Friday September 18th. On September 16th, prior to the start of the season, the city of Worcester was designated as a "red" city which meant that all high school related athletic activities (practices and games) were postponed until further notice. The Superintendent has sent out numerous Connect Ed messages regarding the postponement of the fall season which coincided with athletic articles in the Telegram and Gazette and on the local television stations.

We are hoping that the city of Worcester can get back into a yellow, green or grey coding which would allow for high school athletic activities to resume. When and if that happens we will notify everyone right away via the website and a Connect Ed message.

In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email David Shea at sheadavid@worcesterschools.net or call the Athletic Office at 508-799-3081.

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Friday October 2, 2020

9am to 2pm

Location 1:

Elm Park Community
School Parking Lot
23 North Ashland Street

Location 2:

Burncoat High School
Parking Lot
179 Burncoat Street

  • Flu vaccines at no cost for students ages 4-18 provided by WPS (proof of insurance requested)
  • Flu vaccines at no cost for older students, staff, and adults provided by Walgreens (proof of insurance required)
  • Health benefits advisors on site for health insurance sign-up
  • Walk-up clinic ~ No appointment necessary

Childhood Vaccine Insurance Information AND SCREENING FORM