Superintendent’s Hot Spots Availability Message
Superintendent's Update


The following is the transcript from the phone message sent out by the Superintendent on Friday, July 3, 2020.

Good Evening,

This is Superintendent Binienda. I am calling tonight to inform all our Worcester Public School families about the availability of hot spots, which is a free internet connection. If you need a hotspot to access summer learning, you may pick up your free hotspot at either Elm Park Elementary School, 23 N Ashland Street ( 508-799-3568) or Worcester Tech High School, 1 Skyline Drive ( 508-799-1940) on Monday, July 6; Wednesday, July 8 or Thursday, July 9 from 9am-noon. Parent or Guardian need to show an ID to pick up the hotspot.

Also, a Return to School Parent Survey will be posted within the next week. It is very important every parent fill out the survey for each child in their family. More information will be shared when the survey is posted.

Thank you

Water Safety Tips chart

Safety Tips

Water safety is everyone's responsibility. Follow these safety tips to ensure a day on the water is both fun and safe.

Wear Proper Attire

Inexperienced swimmers can safely enjoy the water by wearing a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device such as a life jacket.

Swim in Monitored Areas

Lifeguards prevent many potential water related accidents. Whether you swim at the beach or the pool, make sure to swim in well marked and monitored areas.

Watch Your Head

Head and spinal injuries occur most often in shallow water. Stay safe, avoid riving into shallow or murky water.

Avoid Alcohol Use

Don't drink and swim. Alcohol impairs one's judgment, coordination and ability to stay warm.

Teach Children to Swim

Drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental death among children. Learning to swim is not only fun, but is a lifesaving skill.

Due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) there will be no swim awareness programs or swim lesson programs being offered at any of the City of Worcester operated aquatic facility locations. or at private programs like the Boy's & Girl's Club.

Please plan safe ways for your children to stay cool this summer. Never leave a young child unsupervised around water - not even for a minute!

Pool & Spray Parks

Crompton Park Pool, East Spray Park and Greenwood Spray Park operate at forty percent (40%) capacity. To meet capacity and distancing requirements these facilities will have set operational times:

  • 12 to 2 p.m. (First User Session)
  • 2 to 2:30 p.m. (Facility to be cleared of users and wiped down)
  • 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. (Second User Session)
  • 4:30 to 5 p.m. (Facility to be cleared of users and wiped down)
  • 5 to 7 p.m. (Third User Session)

In an attempt to make access fair for the public and be able to contact trace, our Recreational Management Software will allow the public to reserve access to the pool during these specific times:

  • 12 to 2 p.m. - Reservations open @ 8 a.m. & close @ 11 a.m.
  • 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. - Reservations open @ 11 a.m. & close @ 2 p.m.
  • 5 to 7 p.m. - Reservations open @ 2 p.m. & close @ 4 p.m.

Reserve Access

Safe Ways for Little Kids to Play with Water:

  • Fill a Frisbee with water for a child to play with or a shallow pan
  • Sprinklers

Please Note: Blow up Pools are dangerous for small children

June 25, 2020

Dear WPS Staff, Parents and Families,

Governor Baker’s Office and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released their initial guidance about reopening schools for this Fall. We applaud the level of thought and care that went into the development of this guidance.

Over the coming days, we will be reviewing the guidance to begin to understand how it impacts what we can do in Worcester.  We also acknowledge that these initial guidelines do not address every topic and that there will be additional guidance coming throughout the summer.

Included here are some key components:

  • Current medical research supports a safe in-person return to school - with preventive measures in place - as infection and transmission rates are lower for children than adults.
  • Preventive measures include masks/face coverings, physical distancing, handwashing, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces.
  • Masks/face coverings will be required for all students in Grade 2 and above and for all adults; they are recommended for students in Grade 1 and below.
  • Based upon current medical research, and in conjunction with other preventive measures, a minimum physical distance of three to six feet has been established.

Districts will need to develop three separate plans - one for return to full in-person instruction with safety requirements, one for hybrid learning that combines in-person and remote learning, and lastly full remote learning.  Based upon the current medical situation, the expectation is that students will return to full in-person instruction in August where possible; however, that is subject to change based upon how the medical situation develops.

We will be sending a survey to all parents within the next few weeks to inquire about your plans for sending your children to school in August. The information needed will request your intentions for in-person, continuation of remote learning, technology/internet access, technical support, transportation needs and need for food assistance.

We acknowledge that there are likely to be more questions. We will continue to communicate with you in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

DESE Initial Fall School Reopening Guidance

The Worcester Child Development Head Start Program has partnered with the Worcester Art Museum for the past two years. Although our visits to the art museum were cut short this year due to the pandemic, this rich and meaningful partnership offers our children, families, and staff the opportunity to experience the world of art through visits to art galleries and art studios. These experiences spark children’s interest and excitement while supporting the development of their knowledge of the creative arts. Topics of study are then extended into our Head Start classrooms and ateliers so that children can continue to explore and expand their knowledge.

We are so very grateful to the staff of the Worcester Art Museum for their unwavering support of the children, families, and staff of our program and we look forward to continuing this partnership moving forward.

Karen Waters
Assistant Director


As we end a school year that was disrupted by closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are gathering information on your experiences with remote learning. This information will help us reflect on the last few months and improve our practice as we prepare for the Fall. All answers will be anonymous and participation is voluntary.

We are asking for your participation in two surveys: the 2020 End of Year Parent/Guardian Survey and a Student Information System Survey. Please click the below links to navigate to the End of Year Survey. Upon completion of the End of Year Survey you will be redirected to a second survey regarding the Student Information System. Both surveys should take between 10-20 minutes.

Recreation Worcester Summer 2020 will be offering in person and online opportunities. Due to participant limitations, please fill out this preregistration interest form and we will contact you with further instructions.

Recreation Worcester Summer 2020 poster

Recreation Worcester Summer 2020! Spanish poster

Congratulations to the 2020 Worcester Technical High School graduates!

The graduates were:

Griselle J. Abarca, Hibo A. Abdi, Ayaan A. Abdisalam, Frances A. Adams, Jade Y. Adams Horne, Beck Adjei Nyame, Candace P. Agyemang, Miles O. Agyemang, Sally S. Al Suhaili, Alejandro J. Alicea, Anthony I. Alonzo, Chelsea O. Amoako, Shaelyn A. Anderson, Odarkor N. Ankrah, Deborah A. Annin, Imani M. Archie, Danial N. Aulo, Bryanna L. Ayala, Jessica J. Baronas, Anya A. Barrett, Samantha J. Belculfine, Pareece D. Belnavis, Sheridan S. Belnavis, Christian A. Benjumea Ortiz, Izabella P. Berry, Hussain B. Bhatti, Mia H. Bisceglia, Alyssa M. Bitar, Shantalle A. Boateng, Midajah A. Bogue, Efua Bondzie, Kwaku A. Bonsu, Maria E. Borowy, Joseph J. Borowy, Jack T. Brackett, Marissa R. Brennan, Samantha E. Brodeur, Cheyenne M. Brooks, Laskye R. Brown, Alexa M. Bukoski, Matthew T. Burns, Angel A. Cabrera, Zoe M. Campbell, Haley N. Capurso, Ryon Carreras, Marc A. Cassata, Madison M. Cesaitis, Timothy J. Chapman, Vivienne J. Charpentier, Alexavier J. Cheng-Ruiz, Adrian W. Cheng-Ruiz, Brennan P. Cherry, Anthony J. Choruzek, Sarah V. Cibelli, Jeriel E. Colon Calderon, Sincere M. Cruz, Kianairy Cruz, Nicholas M. Cruz, Jose R. Curet, Lydia S. Dakin, Matthew C. Dao, Ashvarika Dargan, Mulbah P. Darwulo, Isabella M. Daviau, Aaliyah M. Dejesus, Jomarie E. Dejesus, John S. Demedeiros, Melanie A. Depaz, Jadiel Diaz, Monica T. Doan, Bruce A. Dobson, Josena W. Doe, Hailey A. Doyle, Sophia N. Dubay, Sage M. Dumas, Griffin P. Dupre, Macdolven C. Ekeh, Marydinna C. Ekeh, Macanthony C. Ekeh, Mayra C. Elena, Kaitlyn Elicier, Timia E. Ende, Andrew P. Enlow, Holly M. Eppenstein, Michael Eshun, Carlinsky Esperance, Juan P. Espinoza, Josephine Essuman, Sebastian Estrada, Crystal Fernandez Duval, Matthew Figueroa, Gerardo J. Figueroa Cosme, Jessica A. Flood, Juan C. Flores Hernandez, Christina N. Flynn, Derek F. Fountaine, Lexie N. Gaitho, Katie R. Gallivan, Sebastian J. Garcia Villegas, Aria A. Garczynski, Madison M. Germain, Nayeli I. Gil, Camden D. Gillespie, Angelita L. Gillette, Anysia S. Githinji, Nayalis M. Gonzalez, Kayla G. Gonzalez, Dlainee E. Graciano, Donovan J. Graham, Dachan D. Gurung, Georgina E. Gutierrez Galan, Grace M. Hakenson, Olivia R. Hall, Madison V. Hamilton, Sawsan N. Hammond, Shea P. Hanratty, Ryan M. Hendrickson, Paola C. Hernandez, Laycha Mary J. Hernandez, Neyelin Hilario, Nicholas A. Hutchinson, Jasel M. Irizarry, Olivia R. Jameson, Julie Jean Jacques, Marcus A. Johnson, Kimora A. Jones, Masen J. Jost, Kimberly L. Kakpo, Ryan K. Karanja, Justin M. Karpowich, Philip T. Karpowich, Madison E. Kasputis, Samantha R. Kelleher, Alison W. Kiarie, Jamal W. Kimani, Wesley N. Kinyanjui, Deron Kumah, Kaylee E. Kunar, Angela A. Kwarteng, Queenly G. Kyei, Sydney M. LaFlash, Arianna A. Larrabee, Jasiel J. Latorre, Douglas T. Le, Christine N. Le, Vina P. Le, Tamara A. Lidonde, Tia M. Lidonde, Jacob E. Lopez, Jakob A. Lufkin, Shalysse J. Luiz, Nathan A. Luna, Jovanni C. Lundin, Sindy D. Mancia, Kevin R. Mangra, Jason E. Mangra, Heather L. Mann, Daniel W. Marble, Mitchell S. Marcelonis, Harley D. Marcustre, Josie R. Martell, Craig C. Martin, John L. Martin, Jonathan M. Martinez, Anamarie L. Martinez, Erika A. Martinez, Kelly S. Masembe, Isabella R. Masiello, Dustin Mateo, Owen R. Mathis, Paul M. Matimu, Angelene H. Matthew, Quinn Matthews, Maggie K. McElroy, Mackenzie M. McNeil, Matthew L. Meola, Noah D. Mercedes, Jacob A. Metallic, Alisa K. Mey, Dayelis Marbel Minaya Paredes, Edwin Miranda, Jarievet Miranda-Cruz, Yalexsie J. Molina, Jesilia T. Molina, David A. Montanez Rodriguez, Marisabella Montoya, Naomi D. Moore, Jonatan Morales, Jose S. Morales, Eduardo M. Moreira, Patrick R. Morin, Sam J. Mucho, Mackenzie L. Murray, Safiya S. Nafai, Ryan N. Ndiritu, Mel V. Neves, Jefferson A. Ngamo, Nzanzu M. Nganza, Jame Ngo, Jimmy Nguyen, Jennifer H. Nguyen, Shainale T. Nguyen, An T. Nguyen, Thanh Henry H. Nguyen, Kiary Nieves, Ines Nieves, Martha Nkansah, Meilin A. Nokeo, Samantha Y. Nordstrom, Emy L. Novoa, Philipo Ntibazokiza, Yanairis E. Nunez, Besma K. Nurhussien, Maeve T. O Connell, Daniella Obenewaa, Iomara L. Ocasio, Jadrien E. Ocasio, Olenka G. Olortegui, Gustavo Ortiz, Angel X. Ortiz, Dara A. Ostorga, Valerie M. Otero, Naiyelie A. Pacheco, Nathaniel L. Padilla, Andrea I. Pagan, Monica S. Palczewski, Deep A. Patel, Francisco Paulino, Aaron Pen, Gereline Perez, Joshua A. Phinney, Janyce D. Pickett, Enrique S. Pillco, Zoi Pirperis, Savannah R. Platt, Tori L. Plikunas, Lily E. Plotczyk, Mary Powell, Cindy Pratt, Kalob T. Purrington, Muhammed M. Quadry, Christopher A. Quijada, Justice J. Rainwater, Joseph S. Rajotte, Eddy J. Ramon, Mayar M. Reda, Taw Reh, Wilmer J. Reyes, James F. Ricardi, Matthew J. Riendeau, Natasha Rivas, Daniela G. Rivas Merino, Antonio Rivera, Kiandra M. Rivera, Genevieve A. Rivers, Giovanna S. Rocha, Willeisha Rodriguez, Janelie M. Rodriguez, David O. Rodriguez, Paola J. Rodriguez, Angel J. Rodriguez, Aleny J. Rodriguez, Gabriela A. Rodriguez Lopez, Araselis C. Rosario, Jennifer Ruano-Escobar, Juliano J. Ruffo, Dorcas M. Ruhamya, Shereen Sakallah, Rolando I. Salamea-Lopez, Nailea A. Salinas, Jason A. Sanchez, Selena A. Sanchez, Janely M. Santana, Mylla D. Santana, Geynny G. Santos Gonzalez, Louis M. Sargent, Ava K. Savage, Wendell I. Scotland, Kanwal Shahzad, Sumayyah Shahzadi, Jake J. Shamaly, Bryan M. Shepherd, Zachary W. Sibray, Leah B. Silverstein, Gavin R. Simmons, Emma D. Sjoberg, Agnes O. Smart, Michael K. Smith, Ryan M. Smith, Breanna N. Smock, Anastasia J. Somers, Rita N. Sovereign, Shelby L. Sposato, Robyn W. Stark, Elaina S. Stearns, Yoelis N. Suarez, Michaela A. Swisher, Conor D. Synan, Azka Tanveer, Juliette E. Tarnuzzer, Michael S. Taylor, Kaylani D. Thompson, Amanda L. Tollko, Kelsey D. Tollko, Litzy S. Torres, Angeliz Torres, Kelly S. Torres, Adoralys Torres, Shera Tran, Andrew N. Tran, Brian Tran, Randy V. Tran, Calvin N. Tran, Alagie Trawally, Alexa Trejo, Nevaeha C. Vazquez, Wilson Y. Vega, Evelynn M. Vega, Mariana L. Vega, Prisca N. Wagereka, Cole R. Wagner, Kimberly H. Wairimu, Kimberly M. Waldron, Jordan G. Warner, Paul A. West, Connor West, Adam J. Whitney, Kassandra Williams, Hannah M. Williams, Miarah B. Williams, Tiara J. Williams Price, Zachary W. Winer, Monique Yah, Richie Zamis, Luis A. Zelayandia, Lili Zhao, Ana L. Zuniga, Ignacio S. Zuniga, and Hawa Z. Zuo.

Congratulations to the 2020 University Park Campus School graduates!

The graduates were:

Yeimi S. Ayala, Aisha M. Ballejo, Eliandy I. Bueno, Isaac R. Canenguez, Jean-Pierre De Jesus-De La Cruz, Beverly M. De La Cruz, Ezenia M. Diaz-Lembert, Tevaughn A. Dixon, Desiree L. Gagnon, Yasleni Genao, Angel A. Gonzalez, Kaitlyn M. Gordon, Uwimana Grace, Gabriella L. Guzman Jerry, Nasurdin Hakiri, Alec J. Hazard, Umutoni Helene, Inaizjah A. Humphrey, Justin T. Le, Tan M. Le, Christian J. Martinez, Mathew E. Mendez, Julianette Montero Caban, Jonathan Mora, Kevin T. Nguyen, Whitney B. Nguyen, Aaron Nguyen, Felix M. Pantoja, Agustina Pedroza, Samantha Pham, Yagnel O. Ramos, Ryan J. Renteria, Josiel D. Rivas, Michel Salazar, Tanya S. Silva, Miriam Sui Hniang, Luis E. Toro Laracuente, Michael Vargas, Angelina F. Viruet, and Miguel A. Zacarias.