Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Acceptable Use Policy for Worcester Public Schools

The Worcester Public Schools is pleased to offer access to a computer network for Internet use. Access to the Internet and e-mail will enable authorized users to explore thousands of libraries, databases, museums, and other repositories of information and to exchange personal communication with other Internet users around the world. Users should be aware that some material accessible via the Internet might contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or potentially offensive. The Internet and computer hardware are to be used for constructive educational purposes only. A filtering system is in place that attempts to deny access to educationally inappropriate sites. It is important to understand that no solution is perfect and that at times educational sites may be incorrectly blocked, and conversely inappropriate sites might not be blocked. Also, the Users are advised never to access, keep or send anything that they would not want to be made public.

Privacy – Drives, files, and e-mail may be reviewed by Network Administrators occasionally to maintain system integrity, and at Principal or Supervisors requests.

Storage Capacity – Users are expected to remove or delete unused files or other material that take up excessive storage space.

Software Installation – Commercial software or freeware will not be downloaded or installed onto computers unless it is approved by the principal and installed by the on-site contact person. The use of BitTorrent and other file sharing programs is always strictly prohibited. Any software that interferes with the operation of the WPS network will be removed.

Inappropriate Materials, Language or Usage – No impolite, profane or threatening language should be used. A good rule to follow is never view, send, or access materials that you would not want to be made public. The WPS disk space or Internet should not ever be used for any commercial purposes.

These are guidelines to follow:

  1. Do not use a computer to harm other people or their work.
  2. Do not damage the computer or cause harm to the network in any way
  3. Do not install any software shareware or freeware without going through a technology contact.
  4. Do not violate copyright laws.
  5. Do not view, send or display offensive messages or pictures.
  6. Do not waste limited resources such as disk space or printing capacity.
  7. Do not trespass into another’s folders, work or files.
  8. Do not use WPS e-mail or Internet for any commercial purposes or personal announcements
  9. Do not use WPS e-mail to broadcast announcements or messages to multiple-user groups prior approval of building or network personnel.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

As a User of the WPS network, I have read and agree to comply with this policy. I understand this agreement will be kept on file at school (or DAB if necessary). (Questions should be directed to the Principal or Supervisor for Clarification.)