Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Algebra I

Course Numbers: 1012 (1.00)(H) | 1019 (1.00)(H) | 1013 (1.00)(C) | 1014 (1.00)(C) | 1015 (1.00)(C) | 1016 (1.00)(C) | 1017 (1.00)(C) | 1018 (1.00)(C) | 1010 (1.00)(C)
Type: HS
Area: Mathematics
Counted In GPA: 1
Count In Honor Roll: 1

Algebra I: In this course, students will deepen and extend understanding of linear and exponential relationships; contrast linear and exponential relationships with each other and engage in methods for analyzing, solving, and using quadratic functions; extend the laws of exponents to square and cube roots; and apply linear models to data that exhibit a trend. Students will study properties and operations of the real number system; evaluate rational algebraic expressions; solve linear equations and inequalities; graph linear, quadratic and exponential equations; translate word problems into equations; perform operations on and factor polynomials; and solve simple quadratic equations.