Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Fin Mktn Skills 11

Course Numbers: 11108 (4.00)(C)
Type: HS
Area: Career Vocational Tech (74)
Counted In GPA: 1
Count In Honor Roll: 1

Finance and Marketing Skills, Advanced Marketing, Business & Personal Finances 11: In this course students gain an in-depth advanced curriculum in marketing, covering the areas of; Distribution, Pricing, Marketing Information Management, Product & Service Management, Entrepreneurship & Finance, and Career Development. Advanced Finances in business are introduced through computer applications, as well as fundamentals of personal finances. Gaining skills needed to be financially successful and make the right decisions to be financial independent and secure. The course requires a completion of Business project and evaluation report based on a community business/event/awareness or promotion through co-curricular organization with the opportunity for international competitive events.