Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Urban Agr and Food Syst

Course Numbers: 2432 (1.00)(H) | 2433 (1.00)(C)
Type: HS
Area: Science & Engineering
Counted In GPA: 1
Count In Honor Roll: 1

Urban Agriculture and Food Systems: In this course, students will learn about agriculture by studying plants, soil, water, microbes, insect pollinators, and pests. Students will look closely at large agro-business and sustainable organic farming; understand environmental degradation and the impact that agriculture has had on our ecosystems, and learn about solutions and ways that agriculture can sustain our growing human population. Students will conduct independent research projects, write lab reports, read primary sources, and convey scientific information to their peers and the community. Students may also investigate and explore how to create local food systems through small scale urban farms or hydroponic systems. As an honors level course, content will be covered at an accelerated pace. Students will study topics at a deeper level and will be expected to complete more independent coursework and assignments.