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US Government and Civics

Course Numbers: 3812 (0.00)(H) | 3819 (0.00)(H) | 3882 (0.00)(H) | 3813 (0.00)(C) | 3814 (0.00)(C) | 3815 (0.00)(C) | 3816 (0.00)(C) | 3817 (0.00)(C) | 3818 (0.00)(C) | 3810 (0.00)(C)
Type: MS
Area: Social Studies
Counted In GPA: 0
Count In Honor Roll: 1

U.S. Government and Civics: In the course, students will study the roots and foundations of U.S. democracy, how and why it has developed over time, and the role of individuals in maintaining a healthy democracy. Additional topics will include: the philosophical foundations of the US political system, the development of the US government, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the Constitution, Amendments and Supreme Court decisions, the structure of the Massachusetts state and local government and freedom of the press, news/media literacy.