Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Educational Technology

We are committed to providing authentic and relevant learning experiences that are enriched by the meaningful use of technology.

Manager of Educational Technology

Sarah Kyriazis | Phone: 508-799-3499 | [email protected]

Assistant Manager of Educational Technology

Laura Cahill | Phone: 508-769-6455 | [email protected]

Educational Technology Coaches

IT Technicians:

Burncoat High, Burncoat Elem, Clark, Worcester Arts Magnet, Norrback, Thorndyke
Joe Rutkiewicz: [email protected] | 774-242-3565

Burncoat Middle, Hiatt, Lincoln, Wawecus, Belmont St, City View, Grafton St, ACT
Gio Petrella: [email protected] | 508-277-4948

North High, Roosevelt, Lake View, Rice Sq, Gerald Creamer Center
Liz Meyer: [email protected] | 774-364-1637

Worcester East Middle, Canterbury, Alternative School, Union Hill, Quinsigamond Elem, Vernon Hill
Ben Charest: [email protected] | 774-239-3621

South High, Sullivan Middle, Heard St, West Tatnuck, New Citizens-New Ludlow
John Reed: [email protected] | 508-989-3032

Claremont/Woodland, University Park, May St, Gates Lane, Goddard, Columbus Park
Mike Madnick: [email protected] | 508-989-3018

Forest Grove Middle, McGrath, Flagg, Tatnuck, Chandler Magnet, Nelson Place
Dianne Leduc: [email protected] | 508-989-3036

Doherty High, Midland, Elm Park, Chandler Elem, Fanning, Harlow St, Tech High
Cory Cooper: [email protected] | 774-823-5205