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Attendance Matters

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As a District, we help families build the habit of regular attendance as soon as children start school. Chronic absences affects all of our children, not just those missing school. If significant numbers of students in a classroom or school are chronically absent, learning for all students is impacted. The pace of instruction slows when teachers spend time reviewing material for those who missed the lessons. Regular attendance matters starting as early as kindergarten. Missing 10 percent of school days, or just two days every month, can put children at risk.

Attendance Matters Facts

  • Parents - especially in the early years are best positioned to ensure children attend school and to build expectation around attendance.
  • Too many absences - excused or unexcused - can keep students from succeeding in school and in life.
  • A student who is chronically absent in high school is 7.4X more likely to dropout.
  • Missing 10% of school days, just 2 days each month, can put children at risk of academic failure.