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21st Century Mid-Session Check-In

It is hard to believe, but we are already half-way through the first session of 21st Century activities! Our 21st Century staff and community partners have been hard at work to develop and implement programming that supports students’ academic and social/emotional development.

Burncoat Middle School

During Session I (October 1, 2019-December 13, 2019), the following activities are being offered to students in Grades 7-8 at Burncoat Middle School:

  1. FitClub: Students participate in various fitness-based lessons led by Nick Coughlin such as “Learn to Lacrosse” while also gaining valuable nutrition and health education.
  2. Theater: Burncoat Middle School teacher Jeremy Woloski provides a theater arts based class which allows students the opportunity to effectively depict scripted and improvised characters in a theatrical setting.
  3. Intro to Hip Hop Dance: Burncoat Middle/High School teacher Kellie Shea leads an Introduction to Hip Hop Dance course encouraging students to create and perform dance combinations in a broad dynamic range including solo, with a partner and in an ensemble.
  4. Journaling Gym: Burncoat Middle School teachers Craig Doyle and Brian LaHair provide Journaling Gym in which students utilize a daily fitness journal to monitor their prograss towards personal fitness goals. Students participate in a variety of fitness activities and learn the appropriate methods for exercising.
  5. Video Production: Burncoat Middle School teacher Stephanie Potito leads the video production class which provides an overview of the broadcasting industry including hands-on activities such as filming, producing, marketing and copyrighting.
  6. The World Through My Eyes: Let me Tell you a Story: Burncoat Middle School teacher Daniel Nugent focuses this enrichment on encouraging students to find their voice, while allowing them to see different perspectives linked to caring, compassion, resiliency and understanding.
  7. Food Truck World: Burncoat Middle School teacher Amy Chacharone leads Food Truck World in which students create a themed food truck and learn how to create and design a business from scratch. Pictures of students developing their food trucks are posted below:

students drawing food trucks

student writing business info

Claremont Academy

During Session I (October 1, 2019-December 13, 2019), the following activities are being offered for Claremont students in Grades 7-9 as well as their siblings in Grades 1-6 that attend Woodland Academy:
  1. FitClub: Janine McCarthy leads diverse fitness styles for Claremont and Woodland students.
  2. Main IDEA: Joy Murrieta and student volunteers from Clark University lead dance, theater, writing and creative arts classes for Claremont and Woodland students. Please see below a picture of the “Family Tree Project” students recently worked on:

    Family Tree Project
  3. Worcester Art Museum: The Worcester Art Museum provides industry professionals to create large-scale projects for Claremont and Woodland students.
  4. Young Performers: WPS teacher Ashley McPartland teaches Grade 1-3 Woodland students and Woodland Academy instructor Rachel Epstein teaches Grade 4-6 Woodland students how to bring stories to life through live performance helping them to gain foundational knowledge of the artistic process involved in theatrical production, while simultaneously instilling creativity and strengthening self-expression.
  5. Thanksgiving Project-Based Learning: Woodland Academy instructor Daniel Pasquale teaches Grade 4-6 Woodland students to complete activities related to Thanksgiving including its history, menu planning, price comparisons, using ratios to create different serving amounts, writing as a food critic, and preparing food for a Thanksgiving feast.
  6. Photography: Claremont Academy instructor Brian Russo works with students to learn how to use a camera to take photographs from different perspectives as well as learn to use geometry to take pictures including using planes, points, and angles when taking photos.
  7. 3D Printing and Design: WPS teacher William Burns leads a 3D printing class encouraging Claremont students to learn the basics of computer design. Students will complete challenges including designing a 3D boat to be judged by parents.
  8. Sports History: WPS teacher Robert Mahoney leads a Sports History class to introduce sports from around the world. Claremont students research unusual and unfamiliar games played around the globe, in addition, participants are made aware of cultural diversity that accompanies sports and games.
  9. Yoga for Children: Woodland Academy teacher Adriana Tropeano leads a Yoga class for Woodland students in Grades 1-3 teaching students how to understand yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices along with the physical practice of yoga.
  10. Sports Gaming: WPS teacher Sean Mahoney leads a sports programming class to encourage students to research and develop their own game. Students will then invite parents and families to learn how to play the game.
  11. Cooking: Claremont teacher Emily Faucher leads a cooking class for Claremont students leading instruction on how to research and prepare various cultural dishes.
  12. Yoga for Youth: Claremont teacher Christine Hamm leads a Yoga class for Claremont students teaching them different poses and ways to handle social/emotional stress. Please see pictures below of students practicing poses:

Yoga students sitting on steps

students doing yoga poses outside

Vernon Hill School

During Session I (October 1, 2019-December 13, 2019), the following activities are being offered to students in Grades 3-5 at Vernon Hill School:

  1. FitClub: Instructor Paula Severin leads Diverse Fitness Styles as a means to encourage fitness and health. Please see photos below of students in the program:

    girl using elastic band kids doing chair dips kids posing
  2. Worcester Art Museum: Led by an industry professional, the Worcester Art Museum provides a “Drawing Through the Ages” art and craft program.
  3. Becker College/ Mass DiGi: Led by Becker College students, students create and design their own video games.
  4. Self-Awareness through Creation and Play: Vernon Hill staff member Brianna Turner uses sensory-based activities in collaboration with play and self-expression to encourage students how appropriately to express themselves. Students learn how to use what they create in class such as stress balls to help them regulate their emotions and learn how to be open to sharing more about themselves with their peers.
  5. Sportsmanship: Led by Vernon Hill instructor Deborah Denman, students practice a series of team-building activities, games, and sports through direct instruction with read aloud and follow-up discussions.
  6. Mindfulness and Yoga: Vernon Hill instructor Emily Thompson teaches student’s self-regulation, relaxation and reflection techniques. Students use various techniques such as yoga to connect with their body and develop confidence through movement.
  7. Foods of Different Regions of the World: Led by Vernon Hill instructor Vay Oum, student’s research, learn and present their findings of foods from different regions in the world. Students have the opportunity to create cultural dishes they research as well.
  8. Expressive Arts: Led by Vernon Hill staff member Rashedah Tatum, students address social-emotional challenges through the use of various materials such as paint, yarn, textiles, and colored pencils to express feelings that are difficult to put into words.