School Closed – DAB OPEN 10 AM

Due to the inclement weather, there will be no school. Head Start, before and after school activities, and programs are also cancelled. The Durkin Administration Building will be open at 10 AM. All full-time, 52-week employees need to report at 10 AM. All custodial and facilities staff shall report at their designated time.

Please listen to local news on television and radio, and visit our website, for updates. Thank you and have a safe day.

Radio Stations:

  • WTAG 580 AM
  • WXLO 104.5 FM
  • WORC 1310 AM
  • WCUW 93.1 FM
  • WSRS 96.1 FM
  • WBZ 1030 AM
  • WCRN 830 AM

TV Stations:

  • WHDH TV Channel 7
  • WCVB TV Channel 5
  • WBZ TV Channel 4
  • WFXT Channel 25