Classroom News

October News

First Grade Mrs. Snow, Ms. McAndrews, Mrs. Douglas Dr. Kramer Music Drama Miss P. Mrs. Desimone Grade 5 ELA/Social Studies Mrs. Maloney and Ms. Fleming Grade 4 Mrs. Driscoll Grade 2  Ms. Skeates Pre-K Ms. Armenti Special Education Mrs. Donahue and Mrs. Mitchell ELL Mrs. Palumbo Grade 2  Mrs. Vennerbeck Speech Mrs. Peters Grade 5/6 […]

September News

Grade 4 Mrs. Maloney and Ms. Fleming Phys. Ed. Ms. Fitzgerald Grade 6 ELA/Social Studies Mrs. Savage Grade 1 Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Douglas and Ms. McAndrews Grade 3 Mrs. Benoit and Ms. O’Connell Pre-K Ms. Skeates Speech Mrs. Vennerbeck and Ms. Kouassi Grade 2 Mrs. Palumbo Grade 5 ELA/Social Studies Mrs. Desimone Mr. Manuel Grades […]

Instructional Focus

2019 National ESEA Distinguished School

A school wide effort to increase students’ critical thinking skills through the implementation of a common set of reading and writing strategies, across disciplines and grade levels, as measured by students’ written response to text , images , and/or performance. Our Challenge: To increase the yearly growth and achievement levels of our low-income, English Language Learners, and special needs students through both the lessons we teach and the experiences we provide. View School Accountability Plan for more details about our school.