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Welcome to the Doherty Memorial High Library

  Ms. Nelson ~ Library Director

Monday - Friday

6:45 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.

The DMHS Library is open before and after school. The sign-in book is always located on the circulation desk.


For students entering Grades 9 -12

Digital Resources

Access the A-Z List of the Gale Resources



Students may get a pass for the library if they have a study hall period. The pass MUST be picked up between 6:50 A.M. 7:20 A.M. If a pass is lost, another one will not be reissued. Students may access the library during their lunch periods without a pass.

 ~ Resources in the DMHS Library ~


The library has twenty-eight computer stations for students to use that are wired for Internet access. Students are not allowed to play games or write email on the computers.


Books can be checked out of the library for a 3-week period. Overdue notices will be sent out monthly if books are not returned. If a book is lost or damaged, it will be the student's responsibility to pay for the replacement cost of the book.

Photocopier and Printer

There are a photocopier and printer in the library for students to use.


Online Book Catalog for Doherty Library (Alexandria Catalog) - Access in school only


Pathfinders are pages that offer students selected resources in a variety of media on a topic they are researching. They provide a head start for students as they begin their research project.

Important Web Links

Class Projects

 Mark Twain ~ Samuel Clemens

     Ms. Thompson (Quebec Brochure Project)

  Nathaniel Hawthorne

      His Life


  Moby Dick

   Roman Gods & Goddesses

 Free Internet Resources

  • Animoto - Creating presentations has never been fun, but Animoto can help to put that behind you.
  • Audacity - Record and edit podcasts.
  • Creative Commons - Find licensed works that you can share, collaborate, remix and reuse. Also, license your own work easily.
  • Delicious - A fast and easy-to-use social bookmarking site.
  • Diigo - Research and collaborate. Highlights important information.
  • Facebook - A popular social networking site that makes it easy to find and keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Google Docs - Create, collaborate and share documents while allowing people to comment.
  • iGoogle - Create your own page with RSS feeds and apps to fit your needs.
  • ImageChef - Use photos along with text to create meaningful images.
  • iTunes - Allows the listening and viewing of podcasts.
  • Jing - Records video of onscreen action and allows to share the works conveniently.
  • Podomatic - Use to easily share podcasts.
  • Screencast - Allows you to upload your screencasts and share them easily.
  • Skype - Have conversations with just about everyone with audio, video, and text chatting.
  • Tinychat - Create your own chat room, invite others (by using Twitter or other social networking sites) and save the chat logs
  • Tumblr - A microblog that allows text, photos, music and videos to be shared.
  • Twitter - The fastest-growing social networking site on the web. Have fun writing messages about what you're doing up to 140 characters!
  • VoiceThread - Create a multimedia, collaborative slideshow. Allows comments to be made by others by using, audio, video and text.
  • Wordle - Create cool word graffitti by just typing words.
  • WordPress - Use to create your own blog.
  • YouTube - Find many educational videos and comments may be posted.

Writing Tools

Any questions or concerns:

Instructional Focus

Doherty Memorial High School is implementing a school-wide effort to demonstrate measurable growth in students’ ability to read critically and respond thoughtfully in writing as evidenced by progress on external measures, such as the MCAS and the PSAT, and internal measures, such as the MAP and other common assessments. View School Accountability Plan for more details about our school.