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Goddard Scholars Academy @ South

The Goddard Scholars Academy is an academically accelerated program for gifted and talented students of the Worcester Public Schools. Students take the most rigorous courses beginning in grade 6 through 8 at Sullivan Middle School and in grade 9 through 12 at South High Community School.

The Goddard Scholars Program at South High Community School is a continuation of the seven-year college preparatory accelerated academic program in collaboration with the Goddard Scholars Academy at Sullivan Middle School and Clark University. The Goddard Scholars, comprised of students from throughout the city of Worcester, are provided with an accelerated program in a safe, nurturing and personalized atmosphere. Students are encouraged to develop pride, discipline and integrity in their work. Our curriculum lays the foundation for success in higher level coursework, including Advanced Placement classes, preparing students to excel in their future endeavors. Cornerstones of the foundation include: achievement of ability in self-expression through speaking, writing and social interaction, application of critical thinking and preparation for better citizenship.

While the GSA program is for students from grades 6-12, there are openings in Grade 9 for students to enter the program. Students entering the program in the 9th grade must submit an application providing grades and discipline records from grades 7 & 8 along with a teacher or administrator recommendation. Applications will be scored and students with the highest scores will be notified by May 15th.

South High has prepared me for college and beyond with its challenging course as well as its diverse environment. Though college is definitely harder than high school, I am able to use time management skills, study techniques, and knowledge from classes I learned at South. Because South is so diverse in many ways, it has helped me to be open to new people, new experiences, new ideas, and to see the value in each person. It has also helped me to realize just how much my peer and I have in common. I am so proud to be a South High alumna and I am grateful for the four years I spent there.

~ Tara Shea GSA student Class of 2014, Valedictorian, Yale Alumni

GSA Features

  • Each academic area follows the Massachusetts Common Frameworks at an accelerated pace.
  • All Goddard Scholars are enrolled in the Academy of Arts and Humanities
  • Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies courses are strongly emphasized
  • It is expected that all Goddard Scholars take 5 AP (Advanced Placement) courses.

Unique Components of the Goddard Scholars Academy

  • High Academic Expectations
  • Personal Accountability
  • In-depth course work
  • Performing Arts Program
  • Community Service
  • Interactive Academic Field Trips
  • Affiliation with Music Worcester and Hanover Theater
  • Opportunity for a full tuition scholarship to Clark University upon completion of the 7 year program.
  • Award Winning Marching Band
  • World Language- Advanced curriculum, students in GS at Sullivan Middle School will begin with Spanish II or III.

GSA Data

Graduating Class of 2020 MCAS Data

  • English Language Arts results - 95% GSA students are advanced
  • Math results - 100% GSA students are advanced
  • Biology results - 81% GSA students advanced, 100% are proficient

97.6% of the GSA students are receiving the Abigail and John Adams scholarship.

The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship is a merit-based program that provides a credit toward tuition for up to eight semesters of undergraduate education at a Massachusetts state college or university. For this scholarship, merit is based on student scores on the 10th grade Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test.

The purpose of the award is to:

  • Reward and inspire student achievement;
  • Help attract more high-performing students to Massachusetts public higher education; and
  • Provide families of college-bound students with financial assistance.

To be eligible for the Abigail and John Adams Scholarship students must:

  • Score in the Advanced category on one of three high school state assessment tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, or STE (Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics or Technology/Engineering)
  • Score in the Proficient or Advanced category on the remaining two high school state assessment tests
  • Have a combined MCAS score on these assessments that ranks in the top 25% in their school district.

Graduating Class of 2021 MCAS Data

  • English Language Arts results - 98% GSA students are advanced
  • Math results - 98% GSA students are advanced
  • Biology results - 86% GSA students advanced, 100% are proficient

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