Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Core Values for Literacy Education


  1. Establish a vibrant literary community that empowers students to see themselves as listeners, speakers, readers, writers, and thinkers while enriching their hearts and minds.
  2. Foster student agency in literacy learning by empowering them to choose and select what is relevant and meaningful to them and their world.
  3. Teach using a cohesive, coherent approach that leverages common understandings, common language, and high impact pedagogical practices to respond to the needs of learners.
  4. Provide access to high quality literature both print and digital, including culturally diverse and global perspectives.
  5. Commit to ongoing professional learning and capacity strengthening, leading to better outcomes for all.


  1. See themselves as belonging to a literary community as they build their reading and writing lives.
  2. Find value, joy, and meaning, through authentic inquiry and choice to feed their intellectual curiosity.
  3. Respond thoughtfully to teachers and peers when listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  4. Consider varying points-of-view and perspectives, leading to greater empathy and respect.
  5. Celebrate and share their literary experiences and growth as part of a dynamic community.

Instructional Focus

At Jacob Hiatt Magnet School students will achieve their highest academic potential by actively engaging in learning across all areas of a standards-based curriculum. We use a variety of performance and standards based assessments to identify student specific instructional needs, to inform effectiveness of instruction, and to modify instruction to better meet student needs. Students will be empowered to problem solve, think critically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively. Best Practices:

  • Metacognitive Strategies
  • Explicit vocabulary instruction
  • Balanced literacy approach
  • Hands-on, inquiry based learning
  • Flexible groupings and cooperative learning

View Acceleration and Accountability Action Plan for more details about our school.