Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Message from Principal

September 25, 2022

Author Josh Funk will be presenting to students on October 17th as this year’s Dr. Susan P. O’Neil Literacy Institute’s guest author.  There is a flier in the virtual backpack about the day and an order form if you choose to purchase an autographed copy of one of Josh Funk’s books.  Order forms are due back to school by September 29th.


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Instructional Focus

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A school wide effort to increase students’ critical thinking skills through the implementation of a common set of reading and writing strategies, across disciplines and grade levels, as measured by students’ written response to text , images , and/or performance. Our Challenge: To increase the yearly growth and achievement levels of our low-income, English Language Learners, and special needs students through both the lessons we teach and the experiences we provide. View Acceleration and Accountability Action Plan for more details about our school.