Principal’s Message

   April 1, 2019

  At West Tatnuck, we as a community of learners, accept that learning something new is hard work and takes effort. We fondly refer to the process of learning new tasks as “Productive Struggle”. Teachers and students alike have come to embrace a growth mindset. Students with a growth Mindset:
  • Believe they can become smarter through effort, extra time and hard work.
  • Accept that making mistakes is a fundamental part of all learning.
  • Build perseverance through support and encouragement.
Faced with a challenge, students experience the discomfort of not knowing. We give them the knowledge to handle that struggle by teaching them how to respond to challenging situations and equipping them with the strategies and tools necessary to meet the task. With practice, they become more comfortable and confident in their ability to work through it. The smile that spreads across a student’s face after successfully accomplishing a challenging task is one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences in education. That is what we strive for each and every day. To all the parents, we thank you for all that you do each and every day in support of the West Tatnuck Community. Your involvement and commitment are truly appreciated.      

Instructional Focus

West Tatnuck teachers will implement the Instructional Model for open-ended response type questions for all students. This includes specific grade strategies on how to read carefully, think deeply about the information, gather evidence, and how to write a clear, detailed response. View School Accountability Plan for more details about our school.