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West Tatnuck News

April Newsletters

Ms. Madaus’s April 2021 Newsletter Ms. Borraccino’s April news 2021 Ms. Jenoski’s First Grade April News Ms. Avery’s April Newsletter THIRD GRADE APRIL NEWSLETTER APRIL fourth grade Newsletter Grade 6 April News 2021

March Newsletters

Ms. Madaus’s March Newsletter Ms. Borraccino’s March news March 2021 Ms. Avery’s March Newsletter Grade 6 March News 2021

February Newsletters

Ms. Borraccino’s February News 2021 Ms. Madaus’s February Newsletter 2021 Ms. Skowron’s February News (1) Ms. Jenoski’s First Grade Newsletter Ms. Stukowski’s February News Wheeler February Newsletter Ms. Avery’s Second Grade February Newsletter  FEBRUARY fourth grade Newsletter Grade 6 February’s News 2021

January Newsletters

Ms. Madaus’s January Newsletter 2021 Ms. Borracicno’s January news 2021 Ms. Jenoski’s January 2021 Newsletter Wheeler January Newsletter Ms. Avery’s January Newsletter (1) fourth grade January Newsletter January’s News  for Grade 6-2021

December Newsletters

Ms. Madaus’s December Newsletter 2020 Ms. Borraccino’s  DECEMBER NEWSLETTER Ms. Skowran’s December Newsletter Ms. Stukowski’s December Newsletter Ms. Jenoski’s December  Newsletter 2020 Wheeler December Newsletter Fourth Grade December Newsletter Grade 6 December News 2020

Instructional Focus

West Tatnuck teachers will implement the Instructional Model for open-ended response type questions for all students. This includes specific grade strategies on how to read carefully, think deeply about the information, gather evidence, and how to write a clear, detailed response. View School Accountability Plan for more details about our school.