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Student Athlete Program

The School Safety Office and the Department of Athletics is participating in a program entitled: "Respect: It’s the Way to Play." Under the umbrella of the Anti-Defamation League and the Boston Celtics, both offices are working in collaboration with the following city agencies for the purpose of stressing to student athletes the importance of having respect for one another during athletic contests and promote positive values and academic performance in school.

Conducted at each Wellness Seminar held at every high school prior to the respective sports season, a team of agencies from the City Manager’s Community Coalition on Bias and Hate, Human Rights Division, Youth Opportunities Office, and College of the Holy Cross/Hate Not Here, speak to the student athletes and explain to them how respect, cultural understanding and positive image towards one another makes athletic competition extremely rewarding. In addition to a speaking program made up of professionals, athletes from Holy Cross, and former athletes now working in Worcester, a "Pledge To Respect" motto is read at each Wellness Seminar by all of the student athletes, committing themselves to the theme of Respect during the entire season and beyond...

Listed below, please find the Pledge To Respect card that every student athlete receives at the Wellness Seminar. Along with this card on their possession, every coach and student will sign a Respect To Pledge Muriel that will be displayed in every high school gymnasium during athletic events.

We hope through our efforts to reach approximately over ten thousand student athletes, coaches, parents, and spectators this sports season on the importance of having Respect for each other through athletic competition and a healthy attitude towards academics and positive values.

Instructional Focus

A school-wide effort to have all WTHS students show measurable growth in their ability to write expertly across the curriculum for a variety of audiences through the implementation of a school-wide writing process as measured by MCAS (open response and long composition), PSAT and school wide writing portfolio rubrics and assessments(mid-terms, finals, common assessment, technical journaling and evident practice of close reading strategies). View Acceleration and Accountability Action Plan for more details about our school.