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Search For The Next Superintendent Engagement Sessions

The Worcester Public School Committee has secured Greenwood/Asher & Associates (G/A&A)--an executive search firm--to assist the Committee in the search for the next superintendent.  

From January 18-26, 2022 a concerted effort to secure varied perspectives from the school staff and the community will be done by conducting student, staff, administration and community engagement sessions. These sessions will be conducted virtually due to current Covid protocol.

Please plan to attend in your job-alike group or a community session if you are able.  We understand that this date and time may not work for everyone invited to an engagement session or the community at large. We still value the opportunity to collect your input and hope that you will engage with the search through one of these alternative options:

  • You can provide your input directly to a member of the search team.  Feel free to send an email to Jan Greenwood ([email protected]), Itza Walters ([email protected]),  or Jane Drennan ([email protected])
  • You can complete the online survey that will be forthcoming. 

We are hopeful you will be willing and available to meet with a G/A&A representative to share your perspectives. The questions that will guide each session are as follows:

  • What are the professional leadership competencies needed in the position as superintendent or the Worcester Public Schools?
  • What are the interpersonal competencies needed in the position as superintendent?
  • Is there a particular background you think is needed in the position as superintendent?
  • What are the accomplishments you would like to see the new superintendent achieve in the next few years?
  • What do you see to be the main challenge(s) facing the new superintendent? 
  • What are your points of pride within the system?

The information we gather will be used in a variety of ways throughout the search process including, but not limited to, further informing the development of a position profile as well as providing additional context to the Committee as we review applicant materials and design interview and referencing questions.

If you meet with the G/A&A representative, we thank you in advance for the important input you will provide. Your perspective is highly valuable to us!

Kind regards, 

The Greenwood Asher Search Team

WPS Parent and Community Engagement Schedule with links