Dual Language

Spanish-English Dual Language Program – Grades K -6 are offered at the following Elementary Schools:

  • Chandler Magnet Elementary School
  • Roosevelt Elementary
  • Burncoat Middle School grade 7

The Language Acquisition Programs offered at these schools are for students whose parents are interested in having their children develop bilingual and bi-literacy skills in both English and Spanish. Native English and Spanish-speaking students are placed in the same classroom and are taught content subjects in both languages. Students learn language and culture from each other and develop skills that increase their social, cultural and linguistic competency. Students preferably enter the Dual Language Program in Kindergarten. Admission to this program requires completion of an application by the parent/guardian and a screening for the prospective student. First and second grade candidates are considered on an individual basis and require a screening. Applications to the Dual Language Program open in the Spring of each year, followed by a community based informational session.  Acceptance decisions are made by the end of the academic year.

Spanish Transitional Bilingual Education Program:

  • Chandler Magnet Elementary School: Grades K-6

The Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) Program is available to beginner EL students with Spanish as their native language, who have little or no knowledge of English (EPL 1) and who are new to the United States. Bilingual teachers provide literacy and content instruction in Spanish while the students also receive ESL instruction by an ESL teacher. As the students’ English proficiency increases, the students progressively receive more English instruction until they are ready to transition to the mainstream English program. The purpose of the program is to accelerate English language acquisition through the linguistic transference of a strong native language. Parent/guardians are required to sign a waiver from the SEI program to enroll their child in the TBE program. The waiver is renewed annually should the students remain in the program.