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PSAT Score Review & Prep

College Quickstart

College Board - My College Quickstart - Directions

How to access your FREE PSAT/NMSQT College Planning Kit

Go to www.collegeboard.com/quickstart

  1. Click on Sign in to my College QuickStart
  2. Sign In
    1. Already a member – enter user name and password OR
    2. Not a Member – Click on Sign Up
      1. Enter your information … name, address, username, password, email address …
  3. You will be prompted to enter your MCQ Access Code
    1. Found on the PSAT Score Report
  4. Click on My Online Score Report
  • View question and answer explanations.
  • See how your performance compares to that of students in your state.
  • Click on “Improve your Skills” link, which will take you to the SAT Study Plan (practice test questions).
  • Find lists of colleges, majors and careers right for you.