Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Limited / Interrupted Education (SLIFE)

Programs for Students with Limited and/or Interrupted Education (SLIFE)

Dr. James Caradonio New Citizens Centers:

The New Citizens Center (NCC) is a program for EL newcomers who meet the criteria as students with Significantly Limited and Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE). This designation is given to students of ages 8 through 21 who are in the Entering (ages 8 through 21) and emerging (ages 16 through 21) stages of English language proficiency, have at least three years of educational gaps and/or have little or no formal education comparable to the public education system in the U.S.

EL students at the NCC programs receive instruction under the Sheltered English Immersion model for the full day. The programs provide intensive instruction in English language development (ELD) and in literacy acquisition. They also provide consistent instruction in numeracy and instruction in foundational concepts for Science and Social Studies. NCC programs also offer the individualization, flexibility, academic scaffolding, and social-emotional supports the students require, within a culturally and linguistically supportive framework that facilitates students’ transitioning to the U.S. and to the American culture. Students transition from NCC programs to their home schools or to other appropriate programs once they achieve intermediate English proficiency skills and the necessary academic foundation to access the mainstream curriculum or pursue a high school diploma.

WPS offers three NCC programs:

*NCC Primary: Located at Clark Street Elementary School, for elementary grade students ages 8 through 11.

*NCC Secondary: Located at New Ludlow Street, for students ages 12 through 17.

*NCC Young Adults: Located at the Fanning Building, for students ages 18 through 21. Students transition out of WPS on their 22nd birthdate.