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Internet Safety Tips

Former State Attorney General, Tom Reilly, published an Internet Safety brochure for children and parents. Below please find some safety tips the Attorney General has listed for children and parents when using the Internet. For further information on obtaining the complete brochure, look under publications on the Attorney General's website.

Safety Tips

NEVER give out personal information.

NEVER arrange an in-person meeting with someone you've met online.

NEVER post pictures of yourself, your family, or friends online.

NEVER open files sent to you by anyone you have met online.

Avoid people who ask too many personal questions.

Treat those you encounter online respectfully.

Remember that you do not have privacy online.

Do not respond to e-mail when you do not know the sender.

Do not open attachments when you do not know the sender.

Do not respond to rude, threatening or harassing e-mail.

Do not open e-mail with subjects you think sound inappropriate for your age.

Trust your instincts!! If something does not feel right, do not respond to e-mail, leave the chat room or exit the Web site.