Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Student Safety Tips

For more safety tips call 508-799-3472

Tip #1: Report Acts of Bullying: the Worcester Public Schools encourages all students or parents to report acts of bullying or intimidation to school officials. If students are fearful that reporting these type of offenses can affect there safety, then a confidential meeting will be guaranteed by the Principal or by calling the District-Wide Bullying Reporting Line at 508-799-3472.

Tip #2: Every student who walks to school should do so on sidewalks and not the street, therefore preventing a car/pedestrian accident. 

Tip #3: School Safety Tips for Students who walk to and from school and encounter "Stranger Danger":

  1. Try to walk with another person or group of people when walking to and from school, including going to the bus stop.
  2. Carry a cell phone in case you need to call someone for immediate assistance.
  3. When confronted by a stranger who makes you feel uncomfortable or making unwanted advances, run away and tell someone you’re being followed by a stranger.
  4. Carry a whistle on a lanyard that could be used when being confronted by someone that you feel is a threat to do harm to you.
  5. Always call 911 immediately to report the person/s that just confronted you and are making unwanted advances. Don’t wait until you get to school to tell school officials.