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Versatrans My Stop App Android User Guidance

Recent software updates in the Android operating platform (version 12 or 13) are causing compatibility issues with the Versatrans My Stop mobile app. This issue may result in the app uninstalling from the Android phone home screen and/or not appearing after attempting to reinstall it from the Google Play store. The app developers are working to resolve this issue. 

A workaround is available for users of Android phones running the newer operating systems updates can access the information they need via the web. 

Please follow the instructions below to access the web version of My Stop.

  1. https://busapp.teamonline.org/onscreen/Login.aspx
  2. Log in with your existing My Stop username and password

To save the page to your home screen:

  • Open the browser settings (usually three dots in the corner of the app)
    • For Chrome: “Add to Home Screen”
    • For Samsung Internet: “+ Add page to,” then “Home screen”

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the issue with the new Android software versions.

Published October 5, 2022