Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan


Students with different interests can find different opportunities here. Everybody knows that kids do a lot more at school than just go to class! Worcester students come from many different backgrounds: we want them to see our schools as a world of possibilities. We invite you to learn more about the choices that students have.

Clubs & Student Leadership  — Providing opportunities for kids to gain new experiences helps prepare them for meaningful roles in our community.

Athletics — From our middle school intramural program to competitive high school sports, we value the fun, teamwork, and mutual respect that sports can teach.

Performing Arts — We know that for some students, all the world is a stage! Find out about performances throughout our schools and around town.

Visual Arts  — You would be amazed by the terrific work being done by our students. See a few examples of their talents and learn about opportunities to see other great work.

Summer School — Academic programming during the summer months helps students stay focused and provides a rewarding activity.